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How do I change text color to white in HTML?

How do I change text color to white in HTML?

To specify white, for example, use #ffffff. To specify bright blue, use #0000ff. For purple, use #ff00ff. For more, see ARCHIVED: What are the RGB values of some common colors?

How do I change font color in CSS white?

The value of the color property can be specified in three ways:

  1. Using RGB values e.g. rgb(250,0,0), rgb(0,250,0), etc.
  2. Using a Hexadecimal(HEX) value e.g. #FFFFFF, #000000, etc.
  3. Using a valid color name e.g. “white”, “red”, “black”, “blue”, etc.

How do I change the color of text in CSS?

The colour of selected text can be easily changed by using the CSS | ::selection Selector. In the below code, we have used CSS ::selection on and

element and set its colour as yellow with green background.

How do I change the font style in CSS?

To change text font, use css’ font-familyFor example: Text will cause “Text” to use the Times font. 3. To set an order of preference, in case a particular font is not on a person’s computer, use commas to separate font names.

How to edit font with CSS?

How to Change the Font With CSS Locate the text where you want to change the font. Surround the text with the SPAN element: This text is in Arial Add the attribute style=”” to the span tag: This text is in Arial Within the style attribute, change the font using the font-family style. Save the changes to see the effects.

How do I change the font color?

To change the font color: Select the text you want to modify. Selecting text to modify On the Home tab, click the Font Color drop-down arrow. The Font Color menu appears. Move the mouse over the various font colors. A live preview of the color will appear in the document. Select the font color you want to use.

Using CSS Open your HTML file. Place your cursor inside the tag. Type