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How did Lex Luthor kill the flash?

How did Lex Luthor kill the flash?

Death. Through unknown circumstances, the military under Luthor’s leadership was able to capture the Flash. Beaten, bruised, and weakened, Flash was brought before the President. Held in place by two soldiers, President Luthor publicly executed the Flash with a shotgun.

What superhero killed Superman?

Doomsday ranked as #46 on IGN’s list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time. He is best known as the only character to kill Superman in combat in The Death of Superman story arc “Doomsday!”.

Who is Justice Lord Batman?

Lord Batman is a version of Batman from a universe controlled by the Justice Lords. Similar to his counterpart from the Justice League’s universe, he became the protector of Gotham City after his parents’ brutal murder.

How did Superman kill Lex Luthor?

Luthor’s words hit Superman so hard that he decided that if all this meant his enemy would get away with his schemes, he was done being a hero. At this, Superman’s eyes glowed red much to Luthor’s shock and he incinerated him with his heat vision, killing the President.

How did Superman use a lobotomy on a villain?

Justice Lord Superman would “lobotomise” villains as his standard way of solving problems, using his x-ray and heat vision for instant effect. The real Superman pretended to use this method once when an amoral Anti-Hero pushed him too far. It happened in the backstory for General Zod’s henchman, Non.

How did Doomsday get the attention of Superman?

In his first encounter with the Justice League, shortly after breaking free from underground, Doomsday defeated the entire team of superheroes in a matter of minutes, which in turn attracted the attention of Superman.

How is Doomsday immune to Superman’s Punches?

Reactive Adaptation – Doomsday develops and adapts an immunity to any attack that harms him; a key component of this ability is that he cannot die the same way twice. To a certain point, Doomsday is practically impervious to blunt force trauma of a punch from an opponent like Superman, seeing as he has been killed by Superman with his fists.

Why did Batman give the pumpkin a lobotomy?

Batman villain Amygdala is named after a bundle of nerve cells in the brain controlling emotional associations, which was removed in an attempt to cure him of his homicidal rage, a surgery which backfired and had the exact opposite effect. When Calvin is making a jack-o’lantern, he plays that he’s giving the pumpkin a lobotomy. Hobbes: Ugh!