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How can I tell if I have termites?

How can I tell if I have termites?

Signs you may have termites

  • Swarmers (flying termites ) Swarmers are usually one of the first signs of a termite infestation.
  • Discarded wings.
  • Hollow or blistering wood.
  • Frass.
  • Mud tubes.
  • Tight fitting doors and hard-to-open windows.
  • Head banging or chewing noises.

What is the first sign of termites?

Usually the first sign of a termite infestation is the presence of flying termites called swarmers or alates. The flying termites are the males and females that have left the nest to find a mate and then establish a new colony which could be near or in your home.

What should I do if I find white ants?

If you have found termites what can you do? The most important thing you can do is NOT disturb them any further. You may be tempted to spray them with insect or surface spray and clean up the dirt and damage.

What causes white ants in the house?

Get Rid of Moisture: Moisture is one of the main reasons that attract all kinds of pests including termites into your home. Getting rid of excess moisture in your home will help in keeping termites at bay. If you live in a humid environment, investing in a dehumidifier can help.

What is the difference between white ants and termites?

White Ant is just another name for a Termite. White ants are not the same as general ants and the treatment is very different. A termite colony is largely made up of Workers and they can be white or light brown in colour, which is why they are often called white ants.

Are there white ants that are not termites?

Technically yes, they are the same thing. However, the reason why people call them white ants are usually through misinformation or lay terms. Usually, we use the term ‘termite’ when treating professionally because this is the scientific name.

How to tell if you have white ants in Your House?

What are the Signs of White Ants? 1 Noise. Termites make a distinctive noise as they work. This sound is a quiet clicking that can be heard coming from infested walls. The cause of this 2 Hollow Sounding or Papery Timber. 3 Flying Termites. 4 Hard to Open Windows and Tight-Fitting Doors. 5 White Ants.

What are the signs of an ant infestation?

Some ants lay down a pheromone in their trail to a food source to attract other ants from their colony to this food. Trails like these in and out of your home or business are another sign of an ant infestation.

Why are white ants referred to as white ants?

The white ant name and description are misconceptions that are used to identify termites. Termites are sometimes referred to as white ants, further compounding their misidentification. Learning all about termites and how they can affect your house will help you to protect your family and home.

Why are there white ants in my door frame?

The moisture that termite colonies create during their normal activities can cause swelling and warping to occur in door and window frames. A common misconception is that termites are white ants. If you think you have white ants, you are dealing with termites because they are one and the same.