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How a beard should be lined up?

How a beard should be lined up?

Give your beard a border: The perfect beard neckline

  • Step 1: Know where to stop. Look straight in the mirror, holding your head upright.
  • Step 2: Define the line. Tilt your head back a bit and place a finger just at the top of your Adam’s apple.
  • Step 3: Take your cue from the center.

What causes Cowlicks in beards?

Just like a cowlick on your head or the crown of your hair a swirl (or cowlick) is created by the direction that your hair follicles point in. This swirl is the result of the hair growing in the direction that the follicle is pointing.

Where do the lines go in a beard?

A well-groomed beard has defined cheek lines and neck lines. Cheek lines run along each cheek bone, from the bottom of the sideburn to the edge of the mustache. Neck lines run from ear to ear, beneath the jaw bones and connecting in the center, right above your Adam’s apple.

Can a cheek line be repaired for a full beard?

You do not have to shave and start over. With time and patience your cheek line is easily repaired. See: Repairing a neck line or cheek line for your full beard. Many thanks go to Will for providing great photos for illustrating this article. Be sure to see Will’s beard feature. Also see: Designing a neck line for your full beard.

When do you end your beard at the jaw line?

When you end your beard right at your jaw line, you’ve given yourself what we call the “accidental chinstrap.” This type of beard stayed behind in the ‘90s. And for good reason. When you look down at your phone, it’s like your beard has a beard—made of neck flesh.

Can a beard grow too high on the cheek line?

In large part, they do not welcome a receding hairline. So if the hairline atop your head naturally does not grow too far forward, shouldn’t the same be true in that your beard’s cheek line does not naturally grow too high?