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Has anyone ever won cash for life in TN?

Has anyone ever won cash for life in TN?

This is the first time someone has won the jackpot since the “Cash 4 Life” game launched in Tennessee in 2015. Prior to this win, only two Tennesseans had won the game’s second prize, which is receiving $1,000 per week for life.

What scratch off wins the most in TN?

The Jumbo Bucks 300X scratch-off is among the most expensive games offered by the Tennessee Lottery while also offering the most lucrative payout.

Do you have to reveal you won the lottery in Tennessee?

Can the winner of a large Lottery prize remain anonymous? In accordance with the Tennessee Education Lottery Implementation Law, the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation releases the name, home state, and hometown of winners if an eligible request is received for such information.

What was the TN lottery numbers?

Latest Numbers

Game Result
Tennessee Cash Monday, Aug 23, 2021 20 27 33 34 35 2 CB
Powerball Monday, Aug 23, 2021 Main 17 36 47 60 61 15 PB Power Play: x3 Double 3 28 34 39 63 25 PB
Mega Millions Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021 17 18 26 52 67 19 MB Megaplier: x2
Lotto America Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 5 10 19 22 35 5 SB All Star Bonus: x2


How much money has been won in the Tennessee Lottery?

Welcome to the Tennessee Lottery Winners Page! With over $16.1 billion in prizes awarded, you never know who could win next. It might be you! …

What was the Powerball winnings in Tennessee in 2016?

The revenue from ticket sales is used to fund public education and provide academic scholarships for students across the state. A share of one of the biggest prizes of all time was claimed in Tennessee in January 2016, when a couple from Munford claimed a third of the record $1.58 billion Powerball jackpot.

Where is winners bar and Grill in Nashville TN?

Winners Bar and Grill is a local favorite; a sports bar and full service restaurant serving up the best grub in Nashville, TN! We offer a comfortable atmosphere and great food.

Where to send winning Powerball ticket in TN?

Alternatively, you can claim prizes of any value by mail. You need to fill in a claim form and send it to the following address, along with your winning ticket: Tennessee Education Lottery, PO Box 290636, Nashville, TN 37229-0636.