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Does trailhawk have lockers?

Does trailhawk have lockers?

The Trailhawk has a rear differential locker. It is not a real differential and it is not a real locker. Somehow it uses a hydraulic clutch pack to lock the rear axles together. You would need to replace the entire Rear Drive Unit.

What do lockers do on a Jeep?

Jeep lockers (formally known as locking differentials) lock your axels and send power to both tires on each axel equally. They are used when you need to drive straight in four-wheel drive to get your jeep unstuck from mud or other soft terrains.

Does my Jeep have locking differential?

All Jeeps do not have locking differentials. However, all 4 x 4 Jeeps share power with the front and rear axles when your 4-wheel drive system is engaged. When you are in 2-wheel drive mode, power is only sent to the rear axle in the case of a Jeep Wrangler.

When should I use my Jeep locker?

The only time you will typically need to use the front locker is when your in a off camber rock crawling situation or have a steep hill climb on dirt/mud. On occastion deep mud or snow will require this as well.

Do you need a locker for a Jeep JK?

Unless you have a Rubicon, or you ordered your Wrangler with a LSD or a locker, your JK came standard with open differentials in both the front and back axles. Open differentials transfer torque to the wheel with the least amount of resistance.

Which is better a locker or a LSD in a Jeep Wrangler?

Lockers are more popular for off-road focused Jeep Wranglers because they’re not as road friendly as a LSD. A LSD is an excellent balance for road faring and trail tackling Wranglers. A LSD prevents too much torque from spinning a tire without traction, but not as aggressively as a locker would.

Can a locking differential be installed in a JK?

Installing a locking differential in your JK will augment the off-road capabilities of your rig. Combined with other drive line components , a locker can bring you and your JK across more challenging obstacles.

What do lockers do for 4 wheel drive?

Lockers allow for true ‘four wheel drive’ in your vehicle, meaning they help distribute power equally to both wheels on an axle regardless if one is suspended or has no traction. Most lockers are considered ‘on demand’, meaning you can manually activate the locker as needed when traction is an issue.