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Does magnanimous mean generous?

Does magnanimous mean generous?

A magnanimous person has a generous spirit. Magnanimous comes from Latin magnus “great” and animus “soul,” so it literally describes someone who is big-hearted. A person can show that over-sized spirit by being noble or brave, or by easily forgiving others and not showing resentment.

Is magnanimous an insult?

Magnanimous describes people who are generous in overlooking injury or insult and being high-minded and unselfish: “Forgiving her friend for betraying her was a very magnanimous gesture.” Magnanimous also refers to people who are “good winners.” For example: “The coach taught his players to be magnanimous in their …

What is the meaning of magnanimous Li?

/mæɡˈnæn.ə.məs.li/ in a way that is kind and generous, especially towards an enemy or someone you have defeated: “The best man won”, he said, magnanimously conceding defeat.

What are the stems in magnanimous?

Magnanimous comes from the Latin adjective magnanimus “noble in spirit, brave, generous.” Magnanimus is a loan translation of the Greek adjectives megáthymos, megalóthymos “great hearted,” and megalópsychos “generous, high-souled.” Magnanimus was used especially in translations of the Aristotelian term megalópsychos.

Is magnanimity a virtue?

Magnanimity (from Latin magnanimitās, from magna “big” + animus “soul, spirit”) is the virtue of being great of mind and heart. Its antithesis is pusillanimity (Latin: pusillanimitās).

How do you use the word magnanimous?

Magnanimous Sentence Examples His heart was kind and his affections were strong; he was magnanimous and disinterested, simple and honest. I must be magnanimous and truly great. Sumner’s last years were further saddened by the misconstruction put upon one of his most magnanimous acts.

What is opposite of magnanimous?

The Latin word animus means “soul” or “spirit.” In magnanimous, that animus is joined by Latin magnus, meaning “great.” Basically meaning “greatness of spirit,” magnanimity is the opposite of pettiness. Angry disputes can sometimes be resolved when one side makes a magnanimous gesture toward another.

What does magnanimous mean in a relationship?

Magnanimous comes from the Latin word ‘Magnus’ which means “great” and the Latin word ‘animus’ which means “soul,” put together it means ‘great-soul’ It literally describes someone who is big-hearted and can easily forgive others without showing resentment. …

Is being magnanimous good?

Magnanimity (from Latin magnanimitās, from magna “big” + animus “soul, spirit”) is the virtue of being great of mind and heart. Although the word magnanimity has a traditional connection to Aristotelian philosophy, it also has its own tradition in English which now causes some confusion.

What is an example of magnanimity?

Magnanimity is defined as the state of being very generous, either literally or in spirit, or the fact of showing great generosity and giving great gifts. When you are very generous to everyone around and you give great gifts, this is an example of magnanimity.

What is the synonyms of magnanimous?

Find another word for magnanimous. In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for magnanimous, like: generous, big-hearted, noble, altruistic, large-hearted, great-hearted, unselfish, high-minded, give, big and kind.

What are synonyms for magnanimous?

synonyms for magnanimous

  • altruistic.
  • charitable.
  • considerate.
  • forgiving.
  • selfless.
  • unselfish.
  • unstinting.
  • Santa Claus.

Which is the best definition of the word magnanimous?

When you see “anima,” “animus,” or a similar formation in a word, it’s an indicator of something alive, lively, or spirited. Something “animated” is full of life, for example, and an “animal” is a living, breathing thing. The Latin word animus means “soul” or “spirit.” In “magnanimous,” that “animus” is joined by Latin magnus, meaning “great.”

Which is the best example of magnanimity in a sentence?

1 : the quality of being magnanimous : loftiness of spirit enabling one to bear trouble calmly, to disdain meanness and pettiness, and to display a noble generosity He had the magnanimity to forgive her for lying about him. Examples of magnanimity in a Sentence.

Who is the magnanimous man in the Bible?

This man is Jean Biencourt, commonly called Potrincourt, of noble birth and a magnanimous man. With which magnanimous sentiment he turned on his clumsy heel, and entered his apartment again. Ah you’re so magnanimous that you shall have it for nothing!

What is the meaning of magnanimous gesture of forgiveness?

proceeding from or revealing generosity or nobility of mind, character, etc.: a magnanimous gesture of forgiveness.