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Does Data Protection Act apply photos?

Does Data Protection Act apply photos?

Photographs taken purely for personal use are exempt from the Data Protection Act, e.g. photographs taken by family members at graduation. Photographs taken at registration are only to be used for security purposes and access to services and can only be used for those reasons.

Does a photo fall under GDPR?

Does GDPR apply to photographs? Despite what some service providers are claiming, the GDPR does not directly include photographs as sensitive personal data covered by the regulations! However, they could come under GDPR when stored with other attached or connected information.

Are photos sensitive personal data?

When photographs disclose race, ethnic origin, or health or disabilities, they qualify as “sensitive” personal data, and will attract an express consent requirement in any case.

Is a photo considered personal information?

Examples of personal information are: a person’s name, address, phone number or email address. a photograph of a person. a video recording of a person, whether CCTV or otherwise, for example, a recording of events in a classroom, at a train station, or at a family barbecue.

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Are there any data protection laws for pictures?

It applies to images already stored on UCL databases, as well as to images captured in the future. The use of images in the context of Lecturecast is also considered. Images taken for personal use only are exempt from data protection law, e.g. photographs taken by family members at a graduation ceremony.

How does data protection team deal with images?

The data protection team will consider the request and, where appropriate, remove the image and/or any identifiers. Even where no personal data is processed, UCL’s guidelines on informing people that images will be captured and providing them with a way of opting out of being included in photographs and videos of large events.