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Do you get free tuition if you work at USC?

Do you get free tuition if you work at USC?

If you are accepted into a USC degree program, that program will in most cases be 100% tuition-free as long as you remain a benefits-eligible, full-time employee. You’re allowed a maximum of 6 units per semester or summer term, of which no more than 4 units may be at the graduate level.

Does USC have a pension?

Your employment at USC is covered by Social Security, so Social Security benefits also may be part of your retirement income. The USC Retirement Program matches your pre-tax or Roth contributions up to 5% of your eligible earnings. The university also makes a 5% non-elective contribution whether or not you contribute.

What is medical and life benefits?

Health insurance covers a portion of medical expenses and doctor’s visits, while life insurance pays out a lump-sum death benefit upon premature death.

Is USC a good place to work?

USC is considered an institute that really want to take care about staff/students’s experience for make it positive and attractive for future members. Because the USC campus is well-known for excellence and collaboration with great people work ethic. USC is one of the best university around in California.

What are the benefits of being a faculty member at USC?

Keck School of Medicine of USC employs more than 1600 faculty members. Your benefits as USC faculty include a broad range of programs to help protect the health, wealth and future of you and your family. The university provides healthcare and retirement plans and education benefits, among many other benefits.

What kind of health insurance does USC offer?

The university also offers flexible spending accounts, to defray medical-related costs and reduce your taxable income. Additional benefit offerings provide coverage for other medical situations (including disability and workers’ compensation). USC faculty practices and other university-based health care services…

Can a USC employee get reimbursed for tuition?

Some specialized employees (nurses) are eligible for some reimbursement for job-related coursework offered by accredited schools. Employees may take job-related coursework at USC if tuition is paid by their department, or they may take a class for audit if approved by their manager and the academic department in question.

Why is it important to plan for retirement at USC?

Whatever you look forward to doing after retirement, planning ahead will make it more likely that you will have the resources you need to spend your time as you choose. Your university retirement program is an important part of that planning.