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Do 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident?

Do 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident?

THE slogan for Trident in the 1970s — “four out of five dentists surveyed recommend sugarless gums for their patients who chew gum” — typified how sugarless gum was marketed for decades after Trident, now a division of Cadbury North America, first introduced a saccharine-sweetened gum in 1964.

Can Trident gum cause cavities?

If you’re regularly chewing gum containing sugar, then you are at risk of developing dental caries (tooth decay). But if you’re regularly chewing a sugar-free gum, evidence over the past 30 years shows you will be stimulating the production of saliva which is beneficial to your oral health.

When did four dentists recommend sugarless gum to their patients?

Apparently conducted in the early 1960s, the assumption is that a survey took place in which practicing dentists were asked if they would recommend sugarless gum to their patients who chew gum (incidentally, the statement doesn’t name Trident as the only brand of sugarless gum that the four dentists would recommend to their patients).

Where did 4 out of 5 dentists come from?

4 out of 5 dentists or 9 out of 10 dentists. This slogan originated in the 1960’s with advertising sugarless gum. Trident was quick to grab the ideal to put into their packaging. The original survey was how many dentists would recommend sugarless gum — of those who chewed gum.

What did the fifth Dentist say on friends?

The slogan was part of a campaign for Trident gum that was so popular that it was even referenced in an episode of Friends. Upon returning from a job interview, Rachel exclaims, “Guys! guess what, guess what, guess what!” to which Chandler replies, “Um, ok, the… the fifth dentist caved and now they’re all recommending Trident?”

How many dentists would recommend a product to you?

A survey was taken with dentists on a certain product and at least 90% of the dentist would recommend this product. When we hear this phrase, we tend to think 90% of all dentists recommended this product, when in fact it’s only the number of dentists that were surveyed.