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Did Keira Knightley sing in Begin Again?

Did Keira Knightley sing in Begin Again?

Knightley sang in “Begin Again,” playing Gretta James, a songwriter who has just broken up with her boyfriend and writing partner, Dave Kohl (Adam Levine), and goes on to sign with record label executive Dan Mulligan (Ruffalo).

Does Keira Knightley have bad teeth?

Keira Knightley has crooked teeth. You may not have noticed, as they are frequently hidden behind that trademark pout of hers. But she has noticed, and she likes them just the way they are, thank you very much. “Straight teeth are [bleep],” she said while promoting her film “Atonement,” which opens Friday.

What did Keira Knightley sing in begin again?

The actress, 29, sings in her charming new film Begin Again, about musicians in Manhattan. How nervous were you about singing? I found it completely terrifying! I was out of my comfort zone. But your voice is so pretty. Thank you. I think it’s all right.

What kind of voice does Keira knightely have?

For the role, Keira, 29, sings on camera – and while she has been praised for her voice, the actress has been a little harsher on herself. During a visit to The Daily Show this week, the star told host John Stewart she was less than impressed with her efforts.

Who is Keira knightely’s boyfriend in begin again?

Klaxons keyboardist James Righton, 30, and Keira, were pictured leaving their Soho hotel hand-in-hand on Thursday as the actress set off for a press conference in the city. Begin Again sees Keira play a singer-songwriter who is dumped by her boyfriend (Adam Levine) after he gets a break in the music industry.

Who is the singer in the movie Begin Again?

Keira Knightely sings in Begin Again | HELLO! HELLO! Keira Knightley stars as a singer in her new film Begin Again – and even showcases her vocal talents – so it’s fitting that her musician husband was on hand to support the star as she promoted the movie in New York.