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Can you have a full set of Valplast dentures?

Can you have a full set of Valplast dentures?

Valplast is metal free, does not require any preparation of natural teeth, does not contain the chemicals found in normal plastic (acrylic) dentures and is hypoallergenic. Valplast can be used for constructing full dentures and acrylic or porcelain teeth can be used.

What’s the difference between Valplast and acrylic dentures?

Thermoplastic nylon resin used in Valplast partial dentures is thinner, more flexible and more durable than metal and acrylic of traditional partial dentures. Valplast partial dentures make chewing and speaking more comfortable and are backed by a lifetime warranty for fractures and breaks.

What is the difference between duraflex and Valplast?

Duraflex is an advanced thermoplastic that is clinically unbreakable, easy to adjust and even easier to polish. Valplast is made of a biocompatible nylon thermoplastic with unique physical and esthetic properties. The Valplast injection process provides ideal adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.

Are Valplast dentures any good?

Valplast is a wonderful material that is known for being non invasive, comfortable, aesthetic, and less costly than a partial metal denture. s flexible, making it somewhat more forgiving than a metal partial denture. There are also no metal clasps visible when you smile.

Can you sleep with Valplast?

You can wear your Valplast denture during the night, however, depending on the size, it can dislodge during sleeping. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your denture whilst sleeping, then take it out and store in a dental appliance box.

What is a Valplast denture?

What Exactly is a Valplast Denture? Essentially, the thermoplastic nylon resin that is used in the construction of a Valplast denture is thinner, longer lasting, and more flexible than metal or acrylic dentures. A Valplast denture makes eating and chewing more comfortable.

What is Valplast denture?

Can you eat with a Valplast partial?

Yes, you can eat with Valplast partial dentures. Valplast dentures give patients confidence while talking, eating, and smiling.

How do Valplast dentures stay in place?

Valplast® flexible partials Unlike more traditional ridged, bulky and unstable dental materials Valplast flexible partial denture are made from a flexible plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible. They do NOT require any unsightly metal clasps to keep them in place.

Can you sleep in Valplast dentures?

Taking care of your Valplast dentures Some dentists recommend removing dentures at night when you sleep. We feel that you could wear your denture at night as long as you maintain excellent denture and oral hygiene.

How do you store a Valplast partial?

Store your appliance in the Val-Clean® solution or plain water whenever it is not being worn. Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as directed by your dentist.

How do you clean Valplast dentures?

Simply soak your dentures in Val-Clean for between 10 and 15 minutes every day. Alternatively, you can soak them in Val-Clean overnight three nights a week. Before soaking, rinse your dentures gently in water to remove any food particles. It is important that you do not use toothpaste to clean your Valplast® dentures.

Where can I find a valplast flexible denture dentist?

Call us on 01903 700037 All dental practices shown on the Valplast.info web site have requested to be listed as providers of genuine Valplast flexible partial dentures.

What kind of material are valplast dentures made out of?

Valplast dentures have been used in dental applications for over 50 years. They are made from a thermoplastic nylon material with is strong, long lasting and flexible. They are used to make non-permanent dentures for patients while being non-invasive. Most dentists now offer Valplast dentures as an option to patients across the world.

Is there any cadmium in valplast flexible dental resin?

No cadmium or harmful metals are used in Valplast® flexible dental resin. Please have your dentist or allergist contact us if you would like us to send them a sample chip of Valplast® resin for testing.

Can a dental partial be sent to a valplast laboratory?

Yes you can! Your dentist will have to send the partial to a Certified Valplast® Laboratory to have the tooth or teeth added to it, and you may have to go without your partial for a few days.