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Can anonymous blogs be traced?

Can anonymous blogs be traced?

Finding anonymous bloggers from Analytics is less likely than other methods. It’s still more likely that someone would slip up and leave their personal info in their domain or share a server IP than to share a Google Analytics account. And unlike any other method, it can unmask people using hosted blogging services.

Can I blog without revealing my identity?

Your safest bet to maintain your anonymity is to choose hosted blogging software that doesn’t require you to have a domain, web hosting, or to buy a license. Be sure to sign up using your anonymous e-mail address and to leave out any identifying information in the account information, name of the blog, and so on.

How can I promote my blog anonymously?

How to Promote an Anonymous Blog

  1. Start By Creating a Pen Name.
  2. Promote Out to Other Blogs and Related Forums.
  3. Use Medium.com and Re-Publish Your Posts.
  4. Use the Name of Your Blog or Brand.

How do you comment anonymously on Blogger?

How To Allow Anonymous Comments On Blogger Blogs

  1. Go to blogger.com and go to settings.
  2. Click on Posts, Comments, and Sharing.
  3. In comments section, you can see a subsection called ” who can comment on this blog “.
  4. Select anyone.
  5. Yup! You are done.

How are anonymous bloggers able to get anonymity?

Anonymous bloggers may achieve anonymity through the simple use of a pseudonym, or through more sophisticated techniques such as layered encryption routing, manipulation of post dates, or posting only from publicly accessible computers.

Who are the anonymous members that have been unmasked?

In a letter posted Thursday on projectknightsec.com (a website run by Anonymous), Deric Lostutter, a 26-year-old from Winchester, Ky., revealed that he is a member of Anonymous. Lostutter was raided by the FBI after he and other members of Anonymous got involved in a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, that gained national attention in late 2012.

How is an anonymous blogger has spent a decade as the king of?

For a decade now, an anonymous blogger has been revealing truly scandalous and potentially defamatory blind items about some of the biggest celebrities in the world with complete impunity. How does he do it? Save this story for later.

Who is the anonymous blogger who does celebrity gossip?

Enty, the anonymous, self-described entertainment lawyer who runs the site, has been a direct source for gossip that evades the normal channels of celebrity news and feeds directly into the Internet’s never-ending appetite for the juice. He claims to be well-connected and dishes with abandon.