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Are the salmon running in the Feather River?

Are the salmon running in the Feather River?

The 2021 King Salmon season on the Sacramento and Feather Rivers will open on July 16, 2021. Only two short weeks away. This years salmon run into Northern California waterways will not have been affected by the drought conditions that started in 2019.

Are they catching salmon on the Sacramento River right now?

The upper Sacramento River is now open and plenty of dime bright king salmon are being caught daily. Mike’s Fishing Guide Service for Sacramento River fishing targeting King Salmon, Striped Bass, White Sturgeon, American Shad and Rainbow Trout.

Where is the best fishing on the Feather River?

Best Places to Fish Feather River (Middle Fork) The Middle Fork of the Feather River is accessible from Highway 89. The best fishing takes place below Sloat, when the River flows into the canyon.

Are there any salmon fishing on the Feather River?

For safety reasons, the outlet hole is now closed to salmon fishing, but the surrounding area produces very good salmon fishing. Boat fishing on the Feather River can be a real treat, with lots of fish. Jet boats are most commonly used here.

What’s the water level in the Feather River?

You can subscribe to the weekly fishing report, or the more frequent Hot Bite! fishing report, or both. Water levels in the Feather River can make a big difference in fishing success.

Where to fish for King Salmon in Northern California?

Feather River King Salmon Fishing. One of the best rivers to fish for king salmon in Northern California is the Feather River. The Feather River is the little sister river to the Sacramento River, but don’t be fooled by its size, it has lots of monster king salmon in it. The Feather River is a tributary to the Sacramento River.

How many salmon are in the Sacramento River?

Anglers can hook and keep two adult salmon on the Sacramento River each day and three adult salmon over on the Feather River each day. There has been fantastic salmon fishing reports coming in daily out of the salt, many fish and BIG fish!