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Are globe skateboard wheels good?

Are globe skateboard wheels good?

Globe decks are quality pressed, lightweight, and durable. The components that come with the completes are great for mellow riding and simple tricks. Overall, most skaters agree Globe’s boards are reliable and good value for the money.

What is the best skateboard wheel brand?

The Top Skateboard Wheel Brands 2017

  • #01: Spitfire Wheels. Spitfire Wheels has been your favourite wheel brand this year and won the everlasting fight for the first place against Bones in 2017.
  • #05: Wayward Wheels.
  • #04: OJ Wheels.
  • #03: Ricta Wheels.
  • #02: Bones Wheels.
  • #01: Spitfire Wheels.
  • #05: Wayward Wheels.

Is globe a good cruiser brand?

Globe has long made high-quality longboards and cruisers, and the Blazer is one of its most well-liked and sought-after skateboards. The Globe Blazer is one of those great little cruisers perfect for campus and short commutes while doing flip tricks and ollies along the way. The Blazer rides very smooth.

How big are the wheels on a globe skateboard?

The G1 Argo is available in 32″ x 8″ (14″ wheelbase) and comes with 5.25″ Tensor trucks and 53mm 99A Globe wheels for the complete. You can see its price here on Amazon. The Globe G3 Bar black version has a stunningly elegant style and dimensions 31.6″ x 8.0″ – with a 14.25″ wheelbase.

How big is the globe G2 typhoon skateboard?

The Globe G2 Typhoon skateboard is slightly under 32″” long by 8″ wide with a 14″ wheelbase. Like all Globe skate decks, it’s made of 7 plies of hardwood single pressed using epoxy resin, resulting in a durable lightweight deck with good pop. The G2 has a full concave.

What are the different brands of Globe Skateboards?

Globe produces and/or distributes skateboards under the Globe name and many other owned or licensed brands including Enjoi, Blind, Almost, Darkstar, Girl, Flip, Chocolate, Thrasher, Andale, Pro-tec, M/SF/T. In this post, I’ll do a review Globe skateboards and look at 10 great completes in the Globe lineup.

How big is the globe G2 in flames skateboard?

Check out the Globe G2 In Flames skateboard complete on Amazon. The Globe G1 Full On has a very cool charcoal and red color gradient on the bottom side between the trucks, and a charcoal background on the tail and nose. This is a larger deck at 32″ x 8.0″ with a 14″ wheelbase.