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Are agapanthus banned in NZ?

Are agapanthus banned in NZ?

The former Auckland Regional Council (now subsumed into the Auckland Council) classed it as a surveillance plant pest in 2007. In the 2011-2016 Regional Pest Management Strategy the Bay of Plenty Regional Council classes it as a restricted pest plant.

What month do you plant agapanthus?

Spring (late March and April) is the best time to do it. This is the best way to make more plants of a cultivar as all the new clumps will be exactly the same. Agapanthus can also be propagated from seed, however the resulting plants will be different from their parents.

Which agapanthus is the hardiest?

Agapanthus ‘Arctic Star’ This is the best hardy white variety for the garden. Bred in the UK, it produces lots of pure white flowers on strong stems.

Can you buy agapanthus plants?

For an exotic space filler in your garden agapanthus plants are ideal. Buy agapanthus to plant in generous clumps for a spectacular display during summer and these hardy perennials will return year after year. …

Which is better Lapis or Agapanthus in NZ?

A beautiful NZ bred miniature form of the African Lily, featuring tidy fine leaved foliage and stunning intense blue flowers from Spring through Autumn. Lapis is the superior form of miniature Agapanthus due to it’s deep blue flower – a stunning sight when planted en masse.

Where does the Agapanthus get its flowers from?

Agapanthuses originate from Southern Africa. They are a clump forming rhizomatous perennial with fleshy roots and strap like green foliage. The flowers come in tones of blue or white and are borne in abundance on erect stems during summer. They can be very tall or very small.

When to plant Agapanthus at Wairere nursery?

A very reliable and popular Agapanthus for mass planting and deservedly so. Neat narrow green leaves topped off by sky blue flowers that appear en masse in late spring through to late summer. Trouble free and easy to grow in sun or part shade.

Where can I buy Agapanthus Streamline Streamline?

This item is no longer available to buy online or in-store. This dwarf variety is an outstanding, long flowering evergreen with mauve-blue flower clusters that appear in summer on long elegant stems. This clump forming perennial is a great background plant or for edging along a fence, wall or driveway.