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Why is the backlight on my iPad not working?

Why is the backlight on my iPad not working?

If your iPhone or iPad has a dull screen that doesn’t “light up”, it’s probably a backlight issue. Poor-quality copy screens can overload the backlight circuit and cause it to fail after a while. This turns a cheap screen replacement into an expensive repair.

How do I fix the backlight on my iPad?

You can adjust the iPad’s backlight brightness through the Settings menu.

  1. Tap “Settings.”
  2. Tap “Brightness and Wallpaper.”
  3. Press your finger against the circle on the slider between the small sun and the large sun icons in the Brightness and Wallpaper section on the right side of the screen.

What causes iPad backlight?

Backlight bleed usually manifests as bright streaks and/or halos along the edges and corners of displays. That’s the backlight essentially bleeding out onto the visible screen area due to poorly constructed backlight diffusion system and other build quality issues.

Can I turn backlight off on iPad?

To turn it all the way off, you would press (and keep it pressed) the switch on the upper right hand corner (portrait mode) until the slider appears, then slide to turn off.

What to do if your iPad 2 does not have a backlight?

If your iPad 2 has fallen on the ground and your backlight doesn’t work, this is the easiest solution to fix this. It doesn’t require any soldering or special equipment. Loading…

What do you do when your iPad wont turn on?

You press your iPad’s power button (the sleep/wake button), and nothing happens. There’s no apple logo. Your screen locks off. And you quickly learn that your iPad will not turn on. If your iPad shows a black screen and will not turn on when you press any button, you might think that your iPad is broken and that you now need to replace it.

What should I do if my iPad screen is black?

Then turn the iPad, so the backside is facing you, then pat the backside of the iPad as if you are burping a baby—not too hard, not too gentle If your iPad’s screen is black, showing the Apple logo, try connecting your iPad to iTunes or Finder. First, for folks using iTunes, update iTunes on your computer to the latest version.

Where can I get a free backlight repair?

Visit for a free quote.Want to learn microsoldering, but don’t know where to start? Want your device fixed by a professional?