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Why did Petra sell the manor?

Why did Petra sell the manor?

Petra also explained why she decided to sell the house, which boasts 123 rooms and sits on a five-acre estate. “Was offered a great deal and wanted to start fresh. @kevindees & @santiagoarana found us the perfect family home and it all fell into place. We couldn’t be happier,” she said.

Who owns Aaron Spelling’s mansion?

Petra Ecclestone
The former Spelling Manor, custom built for television producer Aaron Spelling and his wife Candy in the late 1980s, has just sold after three years on the market by its most recent owner, Petra Ecclestone, heir to the Bernie Ecclestone and part of the Formula One fortune.

Where does Petra Ecclestone live now?

He and Petra now live in a smaller bijoux property in LA, which makes him far happier. The old house had a huge, intimidating kitchen where the chef stood to attention, so now they’ve built an extra family kitchen where they can cook tea.

Where did Petra Ecclestone put her house on the market?

Petra Ecclestone has put her Chelsea mansion up for sale just days after her sister Tamara’s home in Kensington was targeted in a £50 million raid.

How did Petra Ecclestone’s husband Aaron Spelling die?

The home was purchased by Petra from Candy Spelling, the wife of director Aaron Spelling, famed for producing Beverly Hilly 90210 and The Love Boat, died at the Manor on June 23, 2006. He collapsed and died on the property from complications from a stroke he’d suffered five-days prior.

Who is the father of Petra Ecclestone’s baby?

Pregnant Petra Ecclestone and her fiancé Sam Palmer have shared sweet snaps of her growing baby bump on Instagram The raid took place hours after the social media post shared with 439,000 followers showed the family heading to the Arctic Circle. Her father, F1 billionaire Bernie, 89, believes the raid was an ‘inside job’.

What did Tamara Ecclestone take from her husband?

Precious earrings with ‘personal meaning’ and a £80,000 Cartier bangle wedding gift from her husband are believed to have vanished. Tamara has two engagement rings, worth £250,000 each, but it is not known if these were taken.