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Why did Christy leave Bob and Tom?

Why did Christy leave Bob and Tom?

In an interview with BoomerTV’s Patty Spitler, Lee reiterated that a desire to find her own voice as an interviewer and to create her “own brand” were her primary motivations for what ended up being a hiatus from The Bob and Tom Show. Lee also said Griswold initiated the discussions which led to her return.

Did Kristi Lee leave The Bob and Tom Show?

Lee made her last “Bob & Tom” appearance in December, when she left to pursue what she called “new opportunities.” She worked for the show for nearly 28 years. Lee’s departure occurred around the same time Bob Kevoian, one of the show’s founding members, who retired from the show.

Who left The Bob and Tom Show?

Host Tom Griswold
Host Tom Griswold launched “The Bob & Tom Show” at Q95 with now-retired partner Bob Kevoian on March 7, 1983. Griswold and Kevoian were inducted to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2015. The Kevoian era of “Bob & Tom” ended in December 2015, when long-running cast member Kristi Lee also made an exit from the show.

How old is Kristi Lee of Bob and Tom?

Lee, 55, known as the “news director” on the show, said she has “decided to pursue new opportunities in 2016.” Her last day on the program, which airs locally on WFBQ-FM 94.7 during the morning drive (6 a.m. to 10:20 a.m.), was Dec. 17.

What is Kristi Lee of the Bob and Tom Show real name?

Kristi Lee. Kristi Lee, whose real name is Theresa Ritz (born July 17, 1960), is the news director of the nationally syndicated radio show The Bob & Tom Show and is responsible for delivering newscasts of various headlines (which are often used for humorous takeoffs) during the show.

Who is the cast of Bob and Tom?

For most of The Bob & Tom Show’s 35+ year history, the cast consisted of hosts Bob Kevoian and Tom Griswold, sports commentator and comic foil Chick McGee, news director Kristi Lee, and producer Dean Metcalf.

What is the Bob and Tom morning show?

“Focusing on comedy and talk, The Bob & Tom Show is a mash-up of news, sports, conversation, and interviews” which airs new broadcasts every weekday morning live from 6 to 10 A.M. in the Eastern Time Zone (5–9 A.M. Central) or tape-delayed on affiliated stations in other time zones.