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Who won the swimming Olympics 2012?

Who won the swimming Olympics 2012?

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps has won the men’s 200-meter individual medley at the 2012 Summer Games, winning his 20th Olympic medal — and his first individual gold medal in London. Phelps led Lochte by .

Where was swimming Olympics held 2012?

Hyde Park
Swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics/Location

Who won the gold medal for freestyle swimming?

Caeleb Dressel
Caeleb Dressel wins gold medal in 50-meter freestyle at Olympics, his third individual gold in Tokyo. TOKYO — American Caeleb Dressel made it 3 for 3 Sunday morning on the final day of the Olympic swimming competition, winning the men’s 50-meter freestyle for his third individual gold medal of these Games.

Who was the youngest swimmer in the 2012 Olympics?

Katie Grimes
Katie Grimes becomes youngest U.S. Olympic swimmer since Katie Ledecky in 2012.

Who are the top swimming gold medalists of all time?

List of top Olympic gold medalists in swimming. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is the top 15 male Olympic swimming golden medals and male and female Name Gold Silver Bronze Total 1. Michael Phelps: 23: 3: 2: 28 2. Mark Spitz: 9: 1: 1: 11 3. Matt Biondi: 8: 2: 1: 11 4. Ryan Lochte: 6

How many swimming events were there at the 2012 Olympics?

The London Aquatics Centre, designed by famed architect Zaha Hadid, hosted the swimming events during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Similar to the program’s format in 2008, swimming featured a total of 34 events (17 each for men and women) including two 10 km open-water marathons.

What was the first swimming event in the Olympics?

Highlights as USA’s Katie Ledecky wins Gold in the Women’s 800m Freestyle during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Swimming has featured on the programme of all editions of the Games since 1896. The very first Olympic events were freestyle (crawl) or breaststroke.

How many medals did the United States win in swimming?

Swimming featured 34 events (17 male, 17 female), including two 10 km open-water marathons in Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lake. The remaining 32 were contested in a 50 m long course pool within the Olympic Park. United States claimed a total of 31 medals (16 golds, 9 silver,…