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Who won Round the Island Race?

Who won Round the Island Race?

The Island Sailing Club put on a spectacular 90th anniversary party for Round the Island Race.

Who won Round the Island 2021?

Eeyore wins again The Island Sailing Club put on a spectacular 90th anniversary party for the 2021 Round the Island Race. The huge fleet of over 1200 boats showed how much people love taking part in this event.

How long does the Round the Island Race take?

How long does Round the Island Race take to complete? Most 36ft cruisers finish in between 7 – 10 hours dependent on weather and sailing ability.

How far is Round the Island Race?

The course runs all the way around the Isle of Wight, with a total distance of 50.1 nmi (92.8 km).

Where is the round the Island Yacht Race?

The annual Round the Island Race, organised by the Island Sailing Club, is a one-day yacht race around the Isle of Wight, an island situated off the south coast of England.

Where can I find the results of round the island?

The Round the Island Race results section contains individual listings for each of the main classes and all of the special sub-races. Simply use the drop-down box below to select the race or sub-race for which you would like to view results and then click the View button. Select a class…

When is the round the island race 2019?

Round the Island Race has been rescheduled to 26 September. Read more A race for all: Olympic class sailors compete in this unique race… A race for all: …alongside many family crewed boats… Back of the Wight: The huge fleet makes a spectacular sight, sailing across Sandown Bay… Bembridge: …before rounding Bembridge Ledge…

When is the around the island race in Hong Kong?

It is a 26nm race around Hong Kong Island involving Class Keelboats, Dinghies, Beach Cats and Cruisers. On average more than 1500+ participants from all major yacht, sailing and rowing clubs in Hong Kong CAR PARKING – There will be no guest parking before 1700hrs on 24 November. No entry will be accepted after 1800hrs on Monday 18 November 2019.