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Who was Katherine LaNasa on Seinfeld?

Who was Katherine LaNasa on Seinfeld?

Katherine LaNasa is an American actress who played Sgt. Cathy Tierny on Seinfeld; she made her lone appearance in “The Beard”.

Who is Katherine LaNasa married to?

Grant Showm. 2012
French Stewartm. 1998–2009Dennis Hopperm. 1989–1992
Katherine LaNasa/Spouse

Why is the Seinfeld episode called the beard?

Writer Carol Leifer got the idea for the episode from a date she went on as a beard for a gay friend of hers who was in banking; the date was painfully awkward, but she thought the situation had comedic potential.

Who played the female cop on Seinfeld?

Katherine LaNasa
Cathy Tierny was portrayed by Katherine LaNasa.

Was Uncle Rico on Seinfeld?

On Seinfeld: Jon Gries was the resident homeless guy in the Seinfeld universe. After the show: Gries has steadily kept his resume full with bit parts, but most people know him as Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.

Who was Longmire’s girlfriend?

Katherine LaNasa (born December 1, 1966) is an American actress, former ballet dancer and choreographer….Television.

Year 2012–2013
Title Longmire
Role Lizzie Ambrose
Notes Recurring role, 6 episodes

What happened to Longmire’s first girlfriend?

Martha was diagnosed with cancer in the late 2000s/early 2010s, and died in 2011. Although Walt let everybody (including Cady) assume it was the cancer that took her life, Martha was murdered in an apparent mugging in Denver, Colorado, by a man named Miller Beck.

Which Seinfeld character was in the army?

Cosmo Kramer
Seinfeld character
First appearance “The Seinfeld Chronicles” (as “Kessler”)
Last appearance “The Finale, Part II”
Created by Jerry Seinfeld Larry David

Does the cast of Seinfeld get along?

The entire cast of Seinfeld didn’t always get along, sometimes to the point of writing characters off the show so that others wouldn’t have to deal with them.