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Who was Hannah Blair?

Who was Hannah Blair?

1756–14 Jan. 1852. Hannah Millikan Blair, Quaker revolutionary patriot, was the daughter of William Millikan, first register of deeds of Randolph County, and his wife Jane Roan (or White?). She was born in Chester City, Pa., shortly before the family moved to Deep River in North Carolina.

Were there any female soldiers in the Revolutionary War?

In addition to the legions of women taking over for their husbands at home, often under perilous circumstances, there were genuine Revolutionary War heroines—women who served as soldiers and spies, women who tricked the enemy, women who were tricked by the enemy.

What did Hannah Blair do in the Revolutionary War?

One Quaker woman, Hannah Blair, felt sympathy for the Patriot cause. She secretly helped those soldiers as much as she could without going against her religion. She provided food and medicine, hid the soldiers when necessary, carried secret messages, and mended uniforms.

Are there any women in the Revolutionary War?

The legend of Molly Pitcher is believed to have been based on Corbin. Although women were not allowed to join the military at the time, many women still served as secret soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

Hannah Blair was a Quaker who, although sworn against violence by her religion, wanted to support the Patriot cause. She protected soldiers passing through, gave medical help and food, carried secret messages, and mended uniforms. When the Loyalists found out, they burned her farm down.

Who was Lady Harriet during the Revolutionary War?

Lady Christian Henrietta Caroline Acland, also called Lady Harriet, wrote a narrative of her experiences traveling from England to the American colonies, which was hailed as “one of the brightest episodes in the war.”

Who was a female spy in the Revolutionary War?

There, the army set up the Culper Spy Ring and even devised the code name “355” specifically for women or women spies working within the ring. One famous female revolutionary spy was Hannah Blair, a Quaker from North Carolina.