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Who is the trickster in Batman?

Who is the trickster in Batman?

The Trickster is a moniker used by three DC Comics supervillains, two of which are enemies of the Flash….Trickster (comics)

Alter ego Giovanni Giuseppe Axel Walker
Team affiliations (Both) Rogues (Jesse) Secret Society of Super Villains Black Lantern Corps
Notable aliases James Montgomery Jesse

Is trickster Joker’s son?

No. There is no relation to the Trickster (Flash villain) and the Joker (Batman villain).

Who is tricksters dad?

At some point of time, the Trickster figured out his son’s identity and reached out. Prior to 2005, Axel began corresponding via letters with his father, James Jesse, unaware of their relationship. For the following 10 years, they continued to talk and grew close.

Who plays the fake trickster in the Flash?

Mark Hamill’s
This is Mark Hamill’s 3rd Appearance as The Trickster, He made his debut in The Original The Flash (1990 TV Series) Live Action Series.

Who is Trickster in Lego Batman Beyond Gotham?

Trickster is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and was later physically released as an exclusive minifigure along with the DVD of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! Axel Walker was the second villain to be called Trickster.

Who is the actor who plays trickster in DC Comics?

Both have been members of the Rogues . The character has been substantially adapted into television productions of DC Comics work. Actor Mark Hamill is most closely associated with the role, having played the character in two live action television series and voiced the character in several animated and video game appearances.

Who is the Trickster in the Flash video game?

Video games 1 The James Jesse incarnation of the Trickster appeared in The Flash video game. 2 The James Jesse incarnation of the Trickster appears in DC Universe Online, voiced by Paul Wensley. 3 The Axel Walker incarnation of the Trickster appears as a playable character in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, voiced by Troy Baker.

Who is the voice of the Trickster in Justice League?

The Trickster in Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom and LEGO DC Super-Villains was voiced by Mark Hamill, who previously played the character’s predecessor James Jesse in Justice League: Unlimited, and the 1990s and The CW television adaptions of The Flash.