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Who is the father of vocational education?

Who is the father of vocational education?

Charles Allen Prosser
2 Charles Allen Prosser is known as the father of vocational education. His aim was to improve the education system of the country which later reforms the world.

What is the vocational aim of education?

Vocational education prepares individuals for jobs. It has adequate employment potentialities. It helps in broadening of horizon. According to the recommendation of the Secondary Education Commission (1952-53), the aim of vocationalisation of education is to improve the vocational efficiency of the students.

What is a vocational skill?

Vocational skills are trade skills that apply to a technical and practical profession. If you are interested in learning about vocational skills, what vocational courses you can take, and what to expect in job interviews, then read on as we take a look at vocational careers and the skills needed to succeed in them.

What is vocational education concept?

: training for a specific occupation in agriculture,, trade, or industry through a combination of theoretical teaching and practical experience provided by many high schools in their commercial and technical divisions, and by special institutions of collegiate standing (as a college of agriculture, a school of …

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