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Who are the hosts of John Boy and Billy?

Who are the hosts of John Boy and Billy?

John Isley (born August 15, 1956) and Billy James (born August 31, 1957), known as John Boy & Billy are American radio hosts based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Who are the main characters in John Boy?

The main character of the series, who is also the oldest of seven surviving children, aged 17 in season one (15 in the pilot), John-Boy is a serious thinker and avid reader with a passion to become a writer. He constantly records his thoughts about his family, friends, and circumstances,…

When did John Boy and Billy leave WBCY?

For more than five years, John Boy and Billy hosted the morning show at Top 40 WBCY 107.9 FM in Charlotte. Their comic talents made them number one with the station’s 18 to 34 listeners. But John Boy quit in February 1986, while Billy stayed for a month and a half, partnering unsuccessfully with Bob Lacey and Jim “Catfish” Prewitt.

When did John Boy and Billy come out?

In 1999, John Boy and Billy were being heard on 65 rock stations in 18 states, but the show was expected to dramatically increase its potential audience when the producers added the option of country music.

John Boy & Billy are hosts of a popular morning radio show and is comprised of John Isley and Billy James.

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Do You Still Say Good Night John Boy?

To this day, people still say “Good night, John-Boy” to Thomas. When asked if the phrase has followed him throughout his career he said, “It’ll happen today at some point. It’ll happen several times today before the end of the day. It’ll be on my tombstone I’m sure.”

Who was the actor that played Bill Denbrough?

Richard Thomas played Bill Denbrough and starred alongside other popular actors of the era including John Ritter and Tim Curry. 7. He Has Starred in More Than a Dozen Broadway Shows Richard was born in New York City and literally grew up in and around the theater. In a Wall Street Journal article, he recounted, “I was a backstage baby.