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Which rank is required for NIT Durgapur?

Which rank is required for NIT Durgapur?

The applicant should secure a minimum of 75% marks in the Class 12th exam or achieve a rank among the first 20 percentile of their 12th board examination.

What percentile is required for NIT Durgapur?

If you want to take admission in NIT Durgapur, then you have to Bring your general rank under 20000 in jee mains. For this you have to score a minimum of 98 percentile in jee mains then seat will be secured.

What is the closing rank for NITs?

JEE Main Cutoffs 2018 for NITs

S.No. Institute Name Closing Rank
1 NIT Bhopal 27275
2 NIT Agartala 282713
3 NIT Jaipur 27987
4 NIT Hamirpur 87902

Can I get NIT Durgapur with 90 percentile?

Answer. Yes you can definitely get a seat nit with this score in jee.

Which is the cutoff for NIT Durgapur 2021?

The NIT Durgapur JEE Main 2021 cutoff will include the opening and closing ranks required by the candidates to get admission in the institute. It should be noted that the authorities will release separate JEE Main cutoffs for different courses and categories of candidates.

Which is the cutoff for JEE Main for NIT Durgapur?

JoSAA will release the cutoff of JEE Main 2020 for NIT Durgapur after each round of counselling of the exam. JEE Main 2020 cutoff for NIT Durgapur will include the opening and closing ranks of the candidates for each course and category.

How many students have been placed in NIT Durgapur?

Mentioned below are some of the fast facts related to NIT Durgapur admission process: National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, has concluded its academic batch 2019-20 placement in September 2020. Out of 634 eligible students, 456 students were placed in NIT Durgapur placements 2020.

Who is the winner of NIT Durgapur 2019?

It is organised by students’ Gymkhana NIT Durgapur, Recstacy spreads over 3 nights of star-studded performances, workshops and casual and competitive events.The event has witnessed the outstanding performances of Mohit Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, KK, Sukhvinder Singh, Kumar Vishwas and many more over the past few years