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Which is the best journal for Pharmacoeconomics research?

Which is the best journal for Pharmacoeconomics research?

PharmacoEconomics is the benchmark journal for peer-reviewed, authoritative and practical articles on the application of pharmacoeconomics and quality-of-life assessment to optimum drug therapy and health outcomes. An invaluable source of applied pharmacoeconomic original research and educational material for the healthcare decision maker. —

Which is the best journal for Health Economics?

PharmacoEconomics is a leading journal that publishes peer-reviewed, authoritative articles on the practical application of pharmacoeconomics and quality of life assessment. PharmacoEconomics has an impact factor of 1.453 and is an invaluable source of information for healthcare policymakers.

Do you have to pay to publish in pharmacoeconomics?

As a hybrid journal, PharmacoEconomics does not charge authors to publish using the traditional subscription-based publishing route, but does offer the option to publish accepted articles open access if authors so wish or if their funders require. This is achieved via the Springer Open Choice™ initiative.

How many words are in a Pharmacoeconomics paper?

Provides a short, balanced overview of the current state of development of an emerging area. Practical Application. Word count up to 3000. Reviews and explores the practicalities of implementing/using particular economic methodologies to address healthcare decision problems.

What is the objective of phamacoeconomics in medicine?

This person is not on ResearchGate, or hasn’t claimed this research yet. This person is not on ResearchGate, or hasn’t claimed this research yet. Objective: Phamacoeconomics can aid the policy makers and the healthcare providers in decision making in evaluating the affordability of and access to rational drug use.

What are the costs of a pharmacoeconomic evaluation?

Costs involved in pharmacoeconomic evaluation can be mainly divided into financial cost (mandatory cost) and economic cost (resource for which no mandatory payment is made) opportunity cost is the benefit foregone when selecting one therapy alternative over the next best alternative.

When did Pharmacoeconomics start in the public forum?

Economic evaluations started about 30 years ago as rather crude analysis, in which the value of improved health was measured in terms of increased labour production.6The term pharmacoeconomics was used in public forum was in 1986, at meeting of pharmacist in Toronto, Canada, when Ray Townsend from the Upjohn company, used the term in presentation.