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Which charities still have London Marathon places?

Which charities still have London Marathon places?

You still have a chance of getting a place by applying to run for a charity – the list below is a great place to start….

  • Amnesty International UK.
  • Mental Health Foundation.
  • The Brain & Spine Foundation.
  • The Royal Osteoporosis Society.
  • Tommy’s.
  • Crimestoppers Trust.

How do charities get places in the London Marathon?

Each year most major charities have a set number of entry places in the Virgin Money London Marathon through the Golden and Silver Bond scheme. They allocate these places to runners who, in return, agree to raise a minimum amount of money for the charity.

How many charities are represented at the London Marathon?

The 2.6 Challenge began on Sunday 26 April 2020, the date when the Virgin Money London Marathon should have taken place and raised £11.2 million for nearly 4,000 charities in what is believed to be the world’s biggest ever collaborative fundraising campaign.

Is the London Marathon a charity event?

Since the London Marathon began in 1981, runners have raised over £950 million, which has gone directly to their selected charities. The London Marathon holds the world record for the largest annual single day fundraising event.

Are there any charity places for the 2020 London Marathon?

Below we have listed 12 charities who still have places for the 2020 race, plus the perks they give you for running for them: As charity of the year for the 2020 London Marathon, Mencap still have places for next year’s race. As the lead charity for the marathon, you can expect plenty of cheer points along the way.

Who are the charities in the Virgin Money London Marathon?

If you’re interested in running for charity, check out our list of good causes with places available below – they could be your key to taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon and they would love to hear from you! The Jewish Asso. For the Mentally ill (JAMI)

What happens to charity Gold Bond at London Marathon?

Once a charity has a gold bond it can renew it in perpetuity. For those 700 organisations quick and savvy enough to snap them up – and some charities have hundreds – the event is a crucial lifeline. But for the rest, just getting one place in the marathon is considered “gold dust”.

How many people apply for the London Marathon?

The London Marathon started in 1981, with 20,000 applicants for the 7,000 or so places. In its second year the number of places more than doubled to 16,350, and the numbers starting the race have increased steadily ever since – reaching a high of 41,103 in 2018. More interesting has been the growth in applicant numbers.