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Which ceiling fan is good in Singapore?

Which ceiling fan is good in Singapore?


KDK M11SU 44″ Ceiling Fan Check Price Yes
KDK U48FP 48″ Ceiling Fan Check Price Yes
Acorn Intaglio DC-159 LED 52″ Check Price Yes
Inovo Lumi Hideaway Fan with LED Light Check Price Yes

Is it normal for ceiling fans to wobble?

While a small wiggle in ceiling fans up to 1/8-inch is normal, more than that can indicate a larger problem. A noisy, off balance ceiling fan can lead to inefficient operation and excessive wear on the fan motor. Ultimately, parts of the fan could detach and fall off, or the fan itself could fall.

What is the best ceiling fan manufacturer?

Best Manufacturers of Ceiling Fans for 2020 & Beyond

  • Minka-Aire Fans.
  • Craftmade Fans.
  • Kicher Fans.
  • Matthews Fans.
  • Monte Carlo Fans.
  • Hunter Fans.
  • Casablanca Fans.
  • Quorum Fans.

Are bladeless ceiling fans Effective?

Bladeless ceiling fans are a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional fans. For starters, irrespective of their size, they can cool down any room with ease. Thanks to its unique design, it uses less energy but produces stronger and even airflow throughout the room.

What to look for in a ceiling fan?

A chandelier ceiling fan adds function and glamourous style; its design offers the impact of a chandelier fixture and the cooling feature of a ceiling fan in one unit. Consider finish, too. From white ceiling fans and black ceiling fans to brushed nickel and bronze, factor in color with design to achieve the perfect look for your space.

Are there any problems with the amasco ceiling fans?

Within 1 year, all 4 Amasco fans in my flat have broken down at least once. It will be working fine when suddenly, there’s a click sound and it just stops working. All 4 have been repaired at different times when they broke down and yet they break down again.

What kind of ceiling fans are best for low ceilings?

If the room has low ceilings, flush mount fans are the ideal choice. Low-profile fans sit against the ceiling so you can bring a cool breeze to the room without compromising available space.

Where can I buy amasco Triniti ceiling fans?

We bought 4 Amasco Triniti II Fans, 3 of 42″ (with the Light Kit) and 1 of 56″, from LE Lighting in Balestier Road in Jan 2016. As for today, Dec 2017 we have called them to come down to fix the issues of the fans 4 times.