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Where is the spaceship part in Paleto forest?

Where is the spaceship part in Paleto forest?

Paleto Bay – concrete waterway This Spaceship part is located in the forest in Paleto Bay. Look for a large tree log above a concrete waterway. The case is inside the concrete waterway.

What happens after you collect all 50 spaceship parts?

Rewards. Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts, assume control of Franklin and wait for Omega to send a text message, then meet with him to gain access to a special buggy variant called the Space Docker, which has been retrofitted by Omega and emits science fiction sounds.

Where is the spaceship part in Cassidy Creek?

Cassidy Creek – calafia bridge This Spaceship part is located under the Calafia Bridge on an island near the top of the waterfall (at the east side of the island).

Where to find spaceship part 28 in GTA 5?

Spaceship Part 28 can be found east of the wind farm. The part is located in a water filled cave, under the water and near the back. Spaceship Part 29 can be found near Mount Haan Road in the Grand Senora Desert. The part is located south and a bit west of the construction site / race track, along the eastern side of the dirt road.

Where to find spaceship part 30 in Minecraft?

Spaceship Part 30 can be found in the Marlowe Vineyard in the Tongva Hills area. The part is between the rows in the southeastern section of the vineyards. Spaceship Part 31 can be found east of the Vineyards Under a waterfall that’s under a bridge. The part is hidden at the foot of a waterfall

Where to find spaceship Part 4 in California?

Spaceship Part 4 can be found on the coast by the Murrieta Oil Fields. The obvious part is on a small rocky island south of the Oil Fields.

Where to find spaceship parts in sandy shores?

While playing as Franklin, there should be a question mark on your map in Sandy Shores. You will meet a strange fella that goes by the name, Omega. He wants you to collect Spaceship Parts from a crashed UFO.