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Where is the Lipica stud farm?

Where is the Lipica stud farm?

Lipica is one of the main tourist centers of Slovenia’s Karst region and it is known for the Lipica Stud Farm, the origin of the Lipizzan horse….Lipica, Sežana.

Country Slovenia
Traditional region Littoral
Statistical region Coastal–Karst
Municipality Sežana

Where are Lipizzaners bred?

Because of the status of Lipizzans as the only breed of horse developed in Slovenia, via the Lipica stud that is now located within its borders, Lipizzans are recognized in Slovenia as a national animal.

What does Lipica mean?

Name Lipica meaning of letter C. Strong and courageous you are a person who is not easily discouraged.

What do you need to know about Lipica stud farm?

The Lipica Stud Farm is home to almost 400 Lipizzaner horses, nourishing a tradition of over 400 years. A pair of Lipizzan horses grazing on the pasture. Lipizzaner horses grazing on one of the pastures of the Lipica Stud Farm. On the tour you get to see the horses in training, in the pasture and in their stables.

Where to see the Lipica Stud in Slovenia?

It is one of the most visited cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia. Nowadays it also includes a hotel and leisure complex, as well as the Lipikum Museum dedicated to various aspects of the stud and the Lipizzan breed.

Where did the Lipica horse breed come from?

Lipica is the origin of the Lipizzan horse. The Lipizzan breed as known today was fully developed in the time of Maria Theresa of Austria, whose husband was greatly interested in horse-breeding. During the Napoleonic wars, the stud farm was relocated to Székesfehérvár. In 1802, an earthquake struck Lipica,…

Where can I get a Lipizzan horse to breed?

The Stud Farm Lipica breeds the Lipizzan horses in a traditional tested way. Stallions, placed in stables in individual enclosed stalls, are trained regularly.