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Where is the Coca-Cola Mansion?

Where is the Coca-Cola Mansion?

was the eccentric son of Asa Griggs Candler, co-founder of Coca-Cola. Candler Jr. helped build his father’s business into an empire….Briarcliff (mansion)

Location 1260 Briarcliff Rd., NE, Atlanta, Georgia, US
Coordinates 33°47′22″N 84°20′27″WCoordinates: 33°47′22″N 84°20′27″W
Built 1922
Architect Frazier, Charles E.

What is Asa Candler worth?

Public documents don’t spell out exactly how much money Asa V has, but a personal financial statement from September 2011 listed in a bank lawsuit suggests his situation is dire. It lists his assets at $2.2 million and a nearly equal amount of debt.

Does the Candler family still own Coca-Cola?

The Candler family sold its stake in Coca-Cola back in 1919 and turned to real estate development. The family is responsible for several iconic Atlanta-area landmarks and remains well-known in the wealthy suburb of Sandy Springs.

How much did Asa Candler pay for the rights to Coca-Cola?

Founder of Coca-Cola Candler bought the Coca-Cola recipe from Pemberton, for an amount rumored to be $2,300.

Where was the home of Asa Griggs Candler Jr?

The Briarcliff mansion in Atlanta, Georgia, was the home of Asa Griggs Candler Jr in the 1920s and 1930s. His father founded Coca-Cola after buying the patent from its inventor, John Pemberton, for $2,300.

What did Asa Griggs Candler do for Coca Cola?

In 1916, after Candler was elected mayor of Atlanta, he ended his day-to-day management of the Coca-Cola Company. In 1917, the Coca-Cola company agreed to reduce by 50% the amount of caffeine in the drink. In 1919 Candler gave most of the stock in The Coca-Cola Company to his children.

When was Asa Griggs Candler elected mayor of Atlanta?

Candler founded The Coca-Cola Company in 1892 and developed it as a major company. Prominent among civic leaders of Atlanta, Candler was elected and served as the 41st Mayor of the city, from 1916 to 1919.

Why did Asa Griggs Candler Jr build Briarcliffe mansion?

It was built on a whim by Candler Jr., whose father Asa Griggs Candler Sr. had seen the potential of Coca-Cola and paid its inventor, John Pemberton, $2,300 for the business in 1891. The Candlers became rich as Coca-Cola – aggressively marketed with slogans like ‘accept no substitute’ – became hugely popular all over the country.