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Where is the BBMF Lancaster now?

Where is the BBMF Lancaster now?

They are operated by the Royal Air Force and have been based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire since 1976.

How many Lancaster bombers are left?

The Avro Lancaster is the most famous and successful RAF heavy bomber of World War Two. There are only two airworthy Lancasters left in the world – 7,377 were built. Lancaster PA474 was built at the Vickers Armstrong Broughton factory at Hawarden Airfield, Chester on 31 May 1945, just after VE day.

Is the Lancaster still flying?

Today 17 remain in complete form, two of which are airworthy, and eight of which are in Canada. Only four of the surviving 17 – KB839, KB882, R5868, and W4783 – flew operational sorties over Continental Europe during the War.

Is Bbmf open?

The BBMF Visitor Centre is normally open Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 5.00pm. There is free parking in the Visitor Centre car park across the road. Hangar tours are available from 10.30am and run throughout the day, with the last tour starting at 3.30pm March – October (3.00pm November – February).

Is the BBMF Lancaster due to fly today?

The BBMF Lancaster is due to fly today, the first time this year, these are “Airtests” and if successful we are rumoured to have training on the Lancaster throughout the week to bring up crew currency and work up towards Public Display Authority (PDA) 1640: Repair completed about 15mins ago, crewing in now.

Where can I get information about the BBMF?

Information about current charges, crew composition and other financial conditions may be obtained from the RAF Air Events Team on 020 8833 8769. The BBMF also complete many flypasts each summer as they transit from display to display.

Where are the BBMF Lancasters at Duxford?

Work on the BBMF Lancaster, by a full-time team of nine Aircraft Restoration Company technicians in the Stephenson Hangar at Duxford, has been progressing well. Having completed the deep strip and inspection, many parts are starting to go back onto the bomber’s airframe.

When does the BBMF Lancaster PA474 air test?

The paint team has also finished its initial preparation work and will soon begin the mammoth task of re-painting the Lanc in her new outfit! Currently, the Lancaster is on schedule to be air tested by a BBMF crew at the end of April. The accompanying photographs show the progress. Top left: Repair work in the tail plane area of the fuselage.