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Where can I find Nat tracks?

Where can I find Nat tracks?

North Atlantic Tracks, officially titled the North Atlantic Organised Track System (NAT-OTS), is a structured set of transatlantic flight routes that stretch from the northeast of North America to western Europe across the Atlantic Ocean, within the North Atlantic airspace region.

How far apart are Nat tracks?

With the standard NAT flight path, planes are required to fly 10 minutes apart horizontally (before and after) and 60 nm or one degree of latitude laterally (left and right).

What is an OTS track?

As a result, organised track structures, one for eastbound traffic and one for westbound traffic are created on a daily basis. These track structures are referred to as the Organised Track System (OTS). Currently,about half of NAT flights utilise the OTS with most of the remaining traffic flying random routes.

How far apart laterally are the OTS routes?

25 NM
applying ½ degree track spacing between all NAT Organized Track System (OTS) tracks. 25 NM lateral separation will continue to be be applied between flight level (FL) 350-390 (inclusive). OTS tracks separated using the reduced lateral separation minimum are established by publishing OTS c.

Where are the boundary points for the NAT Tracks?

A typical routing would be: DCT KONAN UL607 EVRIN DCT MALOT/M081F350 DCT 53N020W 52N030W NATA JOOPY/N0462F360 N276C TUSKY DCT PLYMM. Oceanic boundary points for the NAT Tracks are along the FIR boundary of Gander on the west side, and Shanwick on the east side.

What are the tracks in the North Atlantic?

North Atlantic Organized Track System (NAT OTS) North Atlantic Organized Track System (NAT OTS) Last Updated: 19thApril 2013 Traffic Flow and OTS North Atlantic (NAT) air traffic contributes to two major westbound and eastbound alternating flows. Separate Organised Track Structures (OTS) are published each day for sub-sonic traffic.

Why are eastbound and westbound minimum time tracks different?

Due to the energetic nature of the NAT weather patterns, including the presence of jet streams, consecutive eastbound and westbound minimum time tracks are seldom identical. The creation of a different organised track system is therefore necessary for each of the major flows.

When does the NAT Track OTS come out?

The agreed OTS is promulgated by means of the NAT Track Message via the AFTN to all interested addressees. A typical time of publication of the day-time OTS is 2200 UTC and of the night-time OTS is 1400 UTC. FAA, other agencies and aviation blogs relay the NAT-OTS notam on the web.