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Where are PTM switches used?

Where are PTM switches used?

They are usually named after how they work….Switches.

Type of switch Uses
PTM/PTB switch Console controller buttons, eg fire or jump
Reed (magnetic) switch Window sensors on alarms, eg window opens and switch contacts open
Toggle switch Power switches
Rocker switch Light switches

What is a PTB switch?

A Push To Break (PTB) is an example of a normally closed switch & a Push To Make (PTM) an example of a Normally Open switch.

What are the 3 types of mechanical switches DT?


  • reed (magnetic) switch.
  • toggle or rocker switch.
  • tilt switch.

Are switches input or output?

input devices include light-dependent resistors (LDRs) , thermistors and piezoelectric sensors. process devices include switches and resistors. output devices include loudspeakers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

How does a PTM switch and a PTB switch work?

Each type of PTM switch and PTB switch, can work to connect or disconnect during a moment or locking (latching). A switch work during a moment, will close (connect) or open (disconnect) as long as the button is pressed.

Is the push to break switch the same as the rocker switch?

A push-to-break switch does the reverse and ‘breaks’ the circuit. The function of a toggle switch and rocker switch can be exactly the same – it is the shape of the case that determines what the switch is called.

How does a push to break switch work?

For example, a push-to-make switch allows current to flow (or a signal to be passed on for processing) when pressed, therefore ‘making’ the circuit. A push-to-break switch does the reverse and ‘breaks’ the circuit.

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