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When does the new season of the Flash Start?

When does the new season of the Flash Start?

This season also introduces characters from Legends of Tomorrow, which was being developed as a spin-off. The first episode of the season premiered on October 6, 2015, with the season, consisting of 23 episodes, airing on The CW until May 24, 2016.

Where was Vandal Savage in Flash Season 2 Episode 8?

On The Flash Season 2 Episode 8, Vandal Savage shows up in town hunting for Kendra. Realizing what a bad dude he is, Barry whisks her away to Star City for safety. Toggle navigation Spoilers

What was the first crossover episode of the Flash?

The first crossover episode featuring both Kara and Barry, “World’s Finest” brings the Flash to Earth-38’s National City. The two team up to defeat the Silver Banshee and Livewire. The episode ties in with The Flash’s second season and sets up the ongoing relationship between the two heroes.

When does Versus Zoom Air on the Flash?

The episode title was inspired by the World’s Finest Comics series, in which Superman would team up with various other DC superheroes, including the Flash. The events of this episode take place between two moments in the eighteenth episode of The Flash season two, ” Versus Zoom “, which aired on April 19, 2016,…

Who is Harry Wells in the Flash Season 2?

Wells, who Cisco nicknames “Harry” to distinguish him from Thawne, reveals that he is responsible for the creation of the metahumans and Zoom on Earth-2. He states that he plans to help Barry’s team stop Zoom and other metahumans. At the same time, a metahuman from Earth-2 called Doctor Light arrives and starts robbing banks.

Who are the cast members of the Flash?

The season was ordered in January 2015, and filmed from that July to the following April in Vancouver. Grant Gustin stars as Barry, alongside principal cast members Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh, and Jesse L. Martin also returning from the first season, and are joined by Keiynan Lonsdale.