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Whats the meaning of engendering?

Whats the meaning of engendering?

Definition of engender transitive verb. 1 : beget, procreate. 2 : to cause to exist or to develop : produce policies that have engendered controversy. intransitive verb. : to assume form : originate.

Is engendering a word?

to be produced or caused; come into existence: Conditions for a war were engendering in Europe.

What does cause mean?

1a : a reason for an action or condition : motive. b : something that brings about an effect or a result trying to find the cause of the accident. c : a person or thing that is the occasion of an action or state a cause for celebration especially : an agent that brings something about She is the cause of your troubles.

How do you use engender?

Engender in a Sentence 🔉

  1. The restaurant hoped the act of giving out free ice cream would engender customer loyalty.
  2. By revealing the president’s secrets, the reporter hoped to engender feelings of distrust among the public.

What are the personal values of strong men?

A List of Personal Values of Strong Men (75 Values) 1 Perseverance. 2 Logic. What do your life an 3 Consistency. 4 Conviction. 5 Discretion. 6 Accomplishment. 7 Humor. Humor can go a long 8 Acceptance. 9 Accountability. 10 Honesty. 更多结果…

How to create your own personal core values?

Here are 7 steps to creating distinct and meaningful core values that will serve you in every area of your life and work: It’s too easy to presume that we know the answer at the start and to, therefore, never embark on a creative, personal discovery process.

Which is an example of the power of engender?

Recent Examples on the Web The authority of elders, who were previously the decision makers, weakened, engendering conflicts between generations and consolidating power in the hands of the administration.

Is it easy to define your personal values?

Having values—and being able to define them—makes life easier. If you are asking yourself what your personal values are but find yourself fumbling for an answer, don’t fret. Follow this simple, but in-depth, guide to help you define your personal values and hugely simply your life. Watch this video on YouTube.