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What was the 15 cm Kanone 18 used for?

What was the 15 cm Kanone 18 used for?

Photograph your local culture, help Wikipedia and win! The 15 cm Kanone 18 (15 cm K 18) was a German heavy gun used in the Second World War . In 1933 Rheinmetall began development of a new artillery piece to fulfill a German Army requirement for a replacement of the aged 15 cm Kanone 16, with the first production units received in 1938.

When was the 15 cm Ring Kanone c / 92 introduced?

The new gun was designated the 15 cm Ring Kanone C/92 and could have been introduced as early as 1889 but the development of smokeless powder and new high-explosive shells necessitated design changes and the new guns weren’t introduced until 1892. C/92’s were assigned to fortress and siege artillery battalions of the Imperial German Army.

How much TNT is in a Kanone 39?

The 21 cm Gr 39 Be was a Czech-designed anti-concrete shell fitted with a base fuze, a ballistic cap and the additive sleeve. It was filled with 8.1 kilograms (18 lb) of TNT.

What kind of gun was the Ring Kanone?

A 15 cm Ring Kanone L/30 captured by the British at Cambrai. The 15 cm Ring Kanone L/30 was a naval gun and coastal artillery piece that was used by the German Navy before the First World War that was converted to a siege gun for the German Army during the First World War when the ships that carried it were decommissioned.

What kind of gun was the 155 mm?

Long Tom in travelling position, US Army Ordnance Museum. The 155 mm gun M1 was a 155 millimeter caliber field gun developed and used by the United States military. Nicknamed “Long Tom” (an appellation with a long and storied history in U.S. field and naval artillery), it was produced in M1 and M2 variants, later known as the M59.

Can a 50mm cannon be used in a 35mm Bradley?

Northrop Grumman bought this company in 2018. The initial Bushmaster III was as 35mm cannon, but was convertible into 50mm with minimal modification by using ammunition that fired larger diameter projectiles, but that used same cartridge base dimension. The Army, for a time, considered potentially up-gunning the Bradley to use the 35mm version.