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What type of fuel does a Robinson R44 use?

What type of fuel does a Robinson R44 use?

Specifications (R44 Raven II) Fuel capacity: Fuel: 100 Octane low lead (100LL) fuel or 100/130 Octane.

What is the range of an R44?

560 km
Robinson R44/Range

How much fuel does an R44 burn per hour?

The R44 burns about 15 gallons per hour with Avgas typically costing about $6 per gallon, hourly fuel costs for the Robinson R44 run around $90 per hour.

Is R44 a turbine?

Developed from the R22, the R44 made its debut in 1993 and is now the company’s most popular model, largely because it can carry more passengers. Today the R44 sells for about $475,000, the R22 for about $300,000 and the R66 — a five-seat turbine-powered model introduced in 2010 — for about $900,000.

When did the Robinson R44 Raven come out?

It is available in three different configurations: IFR R44 Raven II coach, R44 Raven II Police helicopter and Newscopter R44 Raven II. This aircraft made its maiden flight in March 1990 at Torrance Airport, Southern California, USA.

What is the maximum speed of a R44 Raven II?

The time between engine changes is 2,200 hours. R44 Raven II can go up at speeds of 1,000fp / m. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 240 km / h cruising speed of 216 km / hr. It has a range of 643 km and a service ceiling of 4,267m.

Is the Robinson R44 Raven II an IFR panel aircraft?

Completely Overhauled Robinson R44 Raven II with A/C and IFR panel. 20 hours since Overhaul. No Accident History. Part 135 maintained. Complete doc… More Info 2007 Robinson R44 Raven II, 2200TT, Seven Hole VFR Panel, ADSB IN / OUT, Stratus ESGi Transponder, Bubble Windows, Fuel Bladders, Front Seat 4 point harnes… More Info

Are there any R44 Raven helicopters for sale?

2013 Robinson R44 Raven 2 Helicopter: TT – 849 hours. Great condition, original private owner, always hangared, NEVER flown in a corrosive environment or used in commercial or flight training. Meti… See More Details