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What to expect after an osteotomy?

What to expect after an osteotomy?

You may be able to resume your full activities after 3 to 6 months. Most patients can begin physical therapy around six to eight weeks after surgery. Unlike other surgical treatments for arthritis, osteotomy relies on bone healing before more vigorous, weight bearing exercises in the gym can begin.

Does osteotomy hurt?

Recovery from knee osteotomy surgery is painful. Pain medication will be given in the hospital and prescribed for after discharge. If at any time pain is not being controlled well with medications, patients should talk to their doctor.

What is done during a Fulkerson osteotomy?

It involves osteotomy and anteromedialisation of the tibial tubercle with the aim of elevating the distal pole of the patella, and thus reducing contact of the patella with the knee during early flexion. Overall, it aims to reduce anterior knee pain and reduce degenerative progression.

How much does a Fulkerson osteotomy cost?

Price: $6,270.00 The goal is to shift the patient’s body weight off the damaged area to the other side of the knee, where the cartilage is still healthy.

Who is the doctor who performed the Fulkerson osteotomy?

Fulkerson Osteotomy Procedure. Fulkerson Osteotomy Procedure by Dr. Ted Young, MD. Fulkerson Osteotomy Procedure. What is a Fulkerson Osteotomy Procedure? The Fulkerson Osteotomy procedure was originally described in 1983 by J.P. Fulkerson who used the technique to allow for restoration of the extensor mechanism in the knee,

How is Fulkerson osteotomy used to treat patellar dislocation?

In this study, we hypothesized that the modified Fulkerson osteotomy procedure would be efficient to treat patients with habitual patellar dislocation associated with high-grade trochlear dysplasia without trochleoplasty, and our purpose was to evaluate the results of this procedure and to observe the efficacy of the procedure.

How does the Fulkerson osteotomy affect the TIB-IAL tubercle?

The oblique nature of the Fulkerson osteotomy allows for simul- taneous anteriorization and medialization of the tib- ial tubercle. By varying the angle of the osteotomy, the tubercle can be biased to a more anterior or more medial position.

How long does it take to recover from Fulkerson osteotomy?

Prior to considering surgery, you need to make sure you have a good support system and that you are mentally and physically dedicated to the rehabilitation process. The return to full activities ranges 6-12 months, with continuous effort and progression.