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What step is Conference South?

What step is Conference South?

National League South

Conference South trophy pictured in 2009
Founded 2004
Level on pyramid 6 Step 2 (National League System)
Promotion to National League
Relegation to Isthmian League Premier Division Southern League Premier Division South

What is below National League South?

Step 7 and below The next step below the National League South and North are the Northern Premier Division, Southern Football League Central Division, Southern Football League South Division, and Isthmian Premier Division.

What league comes after National League South?

English Football League Pyramid

Level League
5 Step 1 National League
6 Step 2 National League North National League South
7 Step 3 Northern Premier League Isthmian League
8 Step 4 Northern Premier League – West Isthmian League – North Isthmian League – South East Isthmian League – South Central

How many teams are in the National League South?

2224 in 2022
National League South/Number of teams

Who are the supporters in the Vanarama National League?

Vanarama National League Fan Power! Clubs’ Supporters Really Show Their Worth  6 days ago Torquay United Asa is Ace! Gulls Skipper Wins Player of the Month  17 Mar 2020

When do the play offs start in Vanarama?

Vanarama National League Details Confirmed for Vanarama National League Play-Offs 14 May 2021

Who is Vanarama and what do they do?

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Where is Vanarama registered office in the UK?

All rights reserved. Autorama UK Ltd Registered in England and Wales with registered number: 05137709 Registered office: Vanarama, Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 7DE, United Kingdom.