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What size is XL-ATX?

What size is XL-ATX?


Form factor Originated Max. size width × depth
XL-ATX Gigabyte 13.58 x 10.31 in (345 x 262 mm)
XL-ATX MSI 13.6 × 10.4 in (345 × 264 mm)
WTX Intel 14 × 16.75 in (356 × 425 mm).
Mini-ITX VIA 6.7 x 6.7in (170 × 170 mm).

What size is ATX form factor?

12 by 9.6 inches
ATX, MicroATX, and Mini-ITX PC cases themselves are often referred to by these three form factors, but the terms more accurately refer to the size of the motherboards they can host. ATX boards measure 12 by 9.6 inches, MicroATX up to 9.6 by 9.6 inches (they’re sometimes smaller), and Mini-ITX 6.7 inches square.

Is XL-ATX bigger than e ATX?

EATX is the same ‘down’ as ATX (12″). It is wider than ATX however (9.6-10″ vs 13″). XL-ATX is ‘longer down’ (more slots or space between slots). According to wiki XL-ATX is roughly the same width as ATX.

What are ATX dimensions?

A full size ATX board is 12 inches wide by 9.6 inches deep (305mm x 244mm). The Mini-ATX board is 11.2” x 8.2” (284mm x 208mm).

What are the changes in the ATX form factor?

The ATX form factor involves changes not only to the motherboard design and layout, but also to the case and power supply as well. Improvements and changes are listed below: For additional information on the ATX form factor, please see the following sites:

What are the dimensions of a twin XL bed?

Twin XL Beds have an overall length of 80” (203 cm) and width of 38” (97 cm). Twin XL Beds have an area of 21 ft2 (1.96 m2). Twin XL Beds typically have mattress thicknesses in the range of 9”-12” (22.9-30.5 cm). The Twin XL Bed is a compact bed having a modern but classy frame with sharp-looking edges designed for tight spaces.

Is the E-ATX the same as the XL ATX?

Gigabyte, as another aside, can’t even get it right. They don’t know if their product is E-ATX or XL-ATX, but they’ve listed it as both on Amazon and on their own product page.

Which is better an ATX or baby at case?

ATX cases often have more drive bays for a given case size. For example, a mid-tower ATX case will often have more available drive bays than a baby AT case of the same size. The ATX case design also generally provides easier interior access to expansion bays. The ATX power supply is different in a number of important ways.