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What part of Canada speaks French and English?

What part of Canada speaks French and English?

New Brunswick
New Brunswick is the only bilingual province where both English and French are official languages. In other provinces and territories where English is the main working language, they provide government services in French as well as Aboriginal languages (see: Language in Canada).

Is Canada more French or English?

Canada has two official languages: French and English. The majority of most Canadians speak English, while almost all French-speakers live in the province of Quebec.

Where in Canada do they speak French?

Quebec, the only province that is primarily Francophone, adopted the Charter of the French Language , which provides for the predominant use of French within provincial government institutions and in Quebec society. The province of New Brunswick is, under the Canadian Constitution , officially bilingual.

Where is English most spoken in Canada?

Notably, 46% of English-speaking Canadians live in Ontario, and 30% live in the two most western provinces: British Columbia and Alberta. The most monolingual province is Newfoundland and Labrador, at 98.5%. English-speakers are in the minority only in Quebec and Nunavut.

What are the French areas of Canada?

Francophone regions of Canada are those areas with large concentrations of French-speaking residents. In this sense, Quebec, parts of New Brunswick, Eastern Ontario, Northern Ontario, southern Manitoba, and smaller communities elsewhere fall under this category.

In Canada, French is primarily spoken in the province of Québec. French is the official language of the province of Québec and is spoken by a significant portion of their population. It is also not uncommon for French to be spoken in Atlantic Canada. New Brunswick is a constitutionally bilingual province.

What Canadian province is French?

Quebec (French: Québec) is a province in Canada, the largest in size and second only to Ontario in population. French is the first language of a majority of Quebecois and the sole official language of the province, making it the only Canadian province that is officially monolingual in French.

What are the French speaking provinces in Canada?

In addition to New Brunswick, Acadian French has speakers in portions of mainland Quebec and in the Atlantic provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. In these provinces, the percentage of francophones is much smaller than in New Brunswick. In some communities, French is an endangered language.