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What month is Dental Health Month?

What month is Dental Health Month?

What is National Dental Hygienists Week™? The month of April is Oral Health Month and an important part of this celebration is National Dental Hygienists Week™, celebrated annually April 4-10.

What is the 2021 theme of the Philippine Dental Health Month?

Smile to ease your heart that’s aching, National Oral Health Month 2021. Good oral health equates unlimited smiles…. February is the National Oral Health Month and this year’s theme is “Ngipin ay alagaan mula sa sinapupunan para sa magandang ngiti hangang katandaan”.

What is oral health Month?

June Is Oral Health Month Leading by example — especially when it comes to establishing healthy habits like brushing, cleaning between your teeth and seeing your dentist — can make a big difference in the health and happiness of your entire family. Snap a photo of you and your family taking care of your teeth.

Is February dental health?

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! During the entire month of February, the American Dental Association (ADA) honors and recognizes dental professionals and all who are passionate about children’s healthcare.

When did dental health month start in the Philippines?

The Philippine Dental Health Month is observed in February. This annual observance started in 1951 as National Dental Health Week but in February 24, 2004, it was expanded into a month-long celebration, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 559 signed by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

When is National Dental Health Month in 2019?

The Department of Education (DepEd), through the Bureau of Learner Support Services-School Health Division (BLSS-SHD), will celebrate the 15th National Dental Health Month in February 2019 with the theme Ngiping Inaruga Mula Pagkabata, Malusog na Ngiti Baon sa Pagtanda.

What are the goals of the dental program in the Philippines?

The program aims to reduce the prevalence rate of dental caries to 85% and periodontal disease by to 60% by the end of 2016. The program seeks to achieve these objectives by providing preventive, curative, and promotive dental health care to Filipinos through a lifecycle approach.

What are the oral health problems in the Philippines?

Oral disease continues to be a serious public health problem in the Philippines. The prevalence of dental caries on permanent teeth has generally remained above 90% throughout the years. About 92.4% of Filipinos have tooth decay (dental caries) and 78% have gum diseases (periodontal diseases) (DOH, NMEDS 1998).