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What makes the Valtra N series tractor so good?

What makes the Valtra N series tractor so good?

The N Series is all about making your working day easier. The ergonomic user interface and controls make driving this tractor a pleasure, and the user-friendly A-pillar display puts information right where you need it. The 5th generation N Series makes no compromises, and that includes power at the front.

How many horsepower does a Valtra T234 tractor have?

The large 7.4 litre engine in Model T234 offers 235 HP (220 HP in Direct) or with transport boost and SigmaPower up to 250 HP. Everything you need is at your fingertips with the new 5-speed powershift or Direct CVT.

What do you need to know about Valtra smart farming?

Valtra Smart Farming is a set of technologies that work seamlessly together – Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section Control, Variable Rate Control and TaskDoc®. A key design principle of our technology solutions is the ease of use. Use Smart Farming technology to be more productive and to save inputs and increase the yield of your fields.

What kind of reverse drive system does Valtra have?

Work forwards and backwards with Valtra’s unique TwinTrac reverse drive system. With incredible rearview visibility and the optional Skyview roof, you can work effectively and safely in all directions. The 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine is made to last. With low revs and high torque, it has the durability, efficiency and power to face any job.

What kind of engine does Valtra T174 have?

The large 7.4 litre engine in Model T174 offers 175 hp or with transport boost and optional SigmaPower up to 190 hp. The genial, fuel saving EcoPower feature offers the same power and huge torque to be used in 250-300 r/min lower engine revs. This feature has made it as most popular 6 cylinder Valtra.

What is the relationship between Valtra and AGCO Power?

Valtra and AGCO Power have a 70-year-long partnership. By working seamlessly together, Valtra and AGCO Power have been able to optimise the fuel consumption to the most efficient level. The N Series engines have 600h service interval and Hydraulic Lash Adjustment for lower service cost.