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What kind of body does a 27 Ford Roadster have?

What kind of body does a 27 Ford Roadster have?

Our body is hand laminated with 3 layers of 2 oz. fiberglass mat and finished in a high gloss gelcoat. The available options include sandwich core fiberglass floor, hinged trunk lid, and operational doors with jams, latch,and hinges installed. Dimensions for the 27 Ford Roadster 3″ wider than stock.

What’s the price of a 1927 Ford roadster?

ALL PRICES ON THIS SITE ARE EACH PIECE UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. I just completed a ’27 T roadster using your body and dashboard. I was very pleased with the quality of your product and particularly the fact that it has a removable deck lid, which few others do. Feel free to include these pictures in your gallery if you wish.

How big is a T bucket street roadster?

Model T227 is for street roadster and has extra reinforcement to all large flat areas for increased thickness, rigidity and strength. 23-1/2″ high x 90″ long.

Can a fiberglass body be used for a Ford roadster?

These fiberglass bodies continue to offer a viable alternative to the all-steel bodies for those builders on tight budgets or wanting some other body styles not currently available in steel. The steel bodied reproductions really took off when a number of ’32 Ford roadster bodies were created.

What kind of body does a 1933 Ford Roadster have?

‘33/’34 Fords. SAR (Steve’s Auto Restorations) produces these 1933 / 34 Ford steel roadster and roadster-pickup bodies. All bodies are built with die-stamped 19-gauge sheetmetal components that are assembled in precision fixtures under the SAR roof.

Which is larger a 1927 Ford xl27 or 1932 Ford roadster?

The two XL27 body styles have been designed larger than an original 1927 with the overall interior cockpit similar to a 1932 Ford roadster. Made larger overall: 3″ taller, 2″ wider, and 4″ longer doors. Redesigned to fit ‘32 frames, original and aftermarket.