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What is Yuno Gasais secret?

What is Yuno Gasais secret?

Akise reveals that the Yuno here is a fake as the third corpse found in Yuno’s house is in fact the real Yuno Gasai, positively identified via DNA test with an umbilical cord left at the orphanage the real Yuno was adopted from. Yukiteru and Yuno decide to remain hidden until Minene strikes at John’s office.

What happens in the ending of Mirai Nikki?

The winner of the Survival Games is Yuno after she and Yukiteru decided on a double suicide. Their method of death were drugs, however Yuno pretended to take them. After she is sure Yukiteru is dead, she spits the pills out and claims her victory as the god of the world.

What does dead end mean in Mirai Nikki?

Dead End = You die no matter what you do. The only way to avoid it is, afaik, to have someone else use his future prediction and save you.

What happens at the end of Mirai Nikki?

Uryuu and Yukiteru (both from the 2nd world) teamed up to stop Yuno. Eventually, 1st world Yuno dies which means that only 1 version of her is left. This version is the 3rd world Yuno.

Who is the second world Yuno in Mirai Nikki?

The exception would be Uryuu Minene who never really died (because she was saved by Deus) and Yukiteru who became a God. Anyway, the Yuno we’re familiar with is actually from the 1st world and she took the place of 2nd world Yuno by killing her.

Where can I find Chapter 4 of Mirai Nikki?

Kongo no Araiansu) is chapter 4 of Mirai Nikki . This is the Fan Made Portal. Here, we choose one winner from each of the following categories: Fan Art, Fan Fiction, and Fan Made AMVs/MMVs; regarding Mirai Nikki. Fan Art is always chosen from deviantART. Fan Fiction is always chosen from the FanFiction site.

Who is the creator of Mirai Nikki manga?

Sakae Esuno (えすのサカエ Esuno Sakae) is a Japanese manga artist most known for his manga Mirai Nikki, published by Kadokawa Shoten or Shonen Ace Magazine, in 2006. The series is now adapted into an anime. In 2001, his manga Railroad Angel won the 11th Newcomer Award Ace and the…