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What is Ukadiche?

What is Ukadiche?

Ukadiche is the Marathi word, meaning ‘steamed’. This is a traditional and classic Maharashtrian recipe usually made on the first day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival as an offering (Prasad) to Lord Ganesha. These steamed modak are made of three main ingredients – rice flour, jaggery and coconut.

Why does Ganesh have 21 modak?

02/4​Why is he served 21 Modaks? It is believed that when Lord Shiva burped 21 times and Goddess Parvati got to know that it’s Modak that satiated both of them, that’s when she expressed a wish that devotees of Ganpati will always offer 21 Modaks to him.

Is Ukadiche modak healthy?

Modaks are full of good fat and rich in nutrients so there is just no reason for you to avoid it. In scriptures, modaks are celebrated as a food for virya – means both vigor in the body and stability in the mind that can help you maintain your weight.

What is original modak made of?

The sweet filling on the inside of a modak consists of freshly grated coconut and jaggery, while the outer soft shell is made from rice flour or wheat flour mixed with khava or maida flour. There are two types of Modak, fried and steamed.

What does Modak stand for?

Mental Organism Designed
M.O.D.A.K. , whose previous acronym stood for Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing now stands for Mental Organism Designed As America’s King.

Why do we eat Modak?

“Because the ghee rebuilds the intestinal mucus lining and allows for smooth elimination of toxins.” the coconut in Modak is known to improve digestion, skin health, tooth decay and stabilize your blood pressure. It is known as the ‘Shree-phal’ or the God’s fruit and breaking it symbolizes breaking ego.

Why does Ganesha love modak?

When she learnt that it was a modak, Goddess Parvati expressed her wish that Lord Ganpati’s devotees must offer modaks to him, which has carried on across generations ever since. Hence a sweet made of rice flour, coconut, jaggery and ghee was offered to Lord Ganesha, which he happily gorged on.

Which food Lord Ganesha likes?

Top 10 Favourite Food Items of Ganesha For Ganesha Chaturthi

  • Modak. Modak or steamed dumpling is one of the most favorite dishes of Ganesha.
  • Pooran Poli. Pooran Poli is a delicious sweet dish offered to Ganapati on Ganesha Chaturthi.
  • Ladoo.
  • Peda.
  • Puffed Rice.
  • Bananas.
  • Jhunka.
  • Shrikhand.

Is modak good for weight loss?

Weight loss: Turns out, modak can promote weight loss also. The traditional sweet is low on the glycemic index and is full of good fats. Modak is also celebrated as food for “virya”, which means “vigour in the body and stability in the mind”, Diwekar wrote in her post.

Who invented Ukadiche Modak?

Steamed modaks are also known as Ukadiche Modak and are slathered with hot ghee before savouring it. The story goes that Anusuya (wife of Atri, an ancient Rishi) invited Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, along with Lord Ganesha, to visit her and give her their blessings.

Why is Modak famous?

Modak is also known as Kozhakattai in Tamil, Modhaka or Kadubu in Kannada, and Kudumu in Telugu. It is one of the most popular sweets in Maharashtra, made and consumed especially during Ganesh Festival. As per Hindu mythology, Ganpati Bappa as he fondly called by his devotees, was fond of eating sweets.

How to make Modak recipe step by step?

Ok, lets see how to make Modak recipe in step by step with picture. Check out Fried modak recipe using wheat flour. North Indian modak recipe – Ukadiche modak recipe with step by step picture. To make modak, firstly prepare the coconut stuffing part. Heat coconut and jaggery. Mix till it leaves the sides of pan. Add cardamom powder, chopped nuts.

What’s the best way to make a ukadiche?

Make all the modak this way. Keep them in a steamer pan. Cover the pan with a lid and steam for 10 to 15 minutes on a low flame. Some modak may crack while shaping or steaming, buts it is fine. You can forgive yourself if you are making this first time. 14. Once the ukadiche modak are steamed, drizzle a few teaspoons of ghee on them. 15.

What kind of flour is used for Ukadiche Modak?

Ukadiche Modak is an Indian sweet dumpling and is one of the must make Ganesh Chaturthi recipes. We make it from steamed rice flour and is stuffed with jaggery and grated coconut mixture.

How long do you steam a Ukadiche Modak?

Place the modaks in the steamer and steam them for approximately 15-20 minutes. Step 4 Serve your homemade Ukadiche modak! Serve hot or cold to relish the inner stuffing of Ukadiche modaks. Try using fine rice flour when making ukadiche modak. If you can’t find it, then you can use sieved regular rice flour. Knead the dough until completely smooth.