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What is throughput performance?

What is throughput performance?

Throughput is one of the most misunderstood performance testing concepts new testers sometimes struggle with. Basically, “Throughput” is the amount of transactions produced over time during a test. It’s also expressed as the amount of capacity that a website or application can handle.

What does a load tester do?

Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behavior under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions. It helps to identify the maximum operating capacity of an application as well as any bottlenecks and determine which element is causing degradation.

What are performance testing metrics?

Metrics are parameters and measurements gathered during the quality assurance process. They can refer to different types of testing. As you can guess, performance testing data allows you to understand the effectiveness of performance testing.

What is scaling in performance testing?

Scalability Testing is a type of non-functional testing in which the performance of a software application, system, network or process is tested in terms of its capability to scale up or scale down the number of user request load or other such performance attributes.

How to load test your app with loadstorm?

Let us find your application’s weakness… before your customers do. LoadStorm is a cloud load testing solution to find the scalability of web or mobile applications. Make a browser recording (HAR file), upload it, parameterize it, and begin testing in minutes. Our experienced engineers provide you support from basic to complex implementations.

What are the advantages of using loadstorm pro?

LoadStorm PRO offers unmatched ease of use for large scale and enterprise load testing projects. Many high functionality load testing tools require months of setup and preparation before testing, but with LoadStorm you can get set up and run sophisticated load tests the very same day.

What are the different types of loadstorm plans?

Plans and versions: LoadStorm comes in 4 initial packages, one being the freemium version, and there is also the option to avail of a 100% customizable plan – all plans are completely scalable and are designed to grow along with your company. LoadStorm also comes in a LITE and PRO version.

Who is the company that makes loadstorm software?

CustomerCentrix is a web application development company specializing in SaaS products since 1999. LoadStorm is our newest product offering.LoadStorm was born from the desire for reliable software and the need for cost-effectiveness. CustomerCentrix is committed to continuing to deliver world-class software in a SaaS model.